Saturday, 13 October 2007

Saturday skies, and flowers

Cold today, and threatening to rain. We've had a few showery days recently, interspersed with some sunny days so the garden is thriving. We're still discovering things in the garden, which is always fun. There are lots of native plants and conifers, and daffodils seemed to pop up everywhere in July/August. Isn't having a new garden fun?

We have three boronias - 1 yellow, 1 pink and 1 brown. I love the smell of boronia! We picked some and put in a little vase so we can smell it inside. The vase is one of two hand blown glass ones that we got in New Zealand. It was a little glass blowing factory with a shop attached, and I think it was outside Taupo. We carried them back wrapped carefully in quilt fabric! I knew there was a reason I bought all that fabric!

We've got some lovely azaleas in flower at the moment. Also some rhododendrons but I forgot to take photos of them.

We were really happy to find a gorgeous waratah near one of the studio windows! It has quite a lot of flowers right now and I look at it every day. It's probably about 7ft tall at the moment, and quite beautiful.

PS Murray's head is healing up very nicely. He said getting the staples out was the worst part!

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sMC said...

Love your flowers. I have not had any luck with growing boronia.
Staples... you never told us staples... do hope he is feeling better now.
Could you send me your email addy please or I will be writing longer comments than your blog :)