Tuesday, 9 October 2007

saturday afternoon

I was reading a couple of blogs on saturday, and one blogger takes photos of 'saturday skies' so I thought I'd go outside and take one of the sky here. That led me to wander around some of the garden and take photos of some of the plants that are flowering at the moment. A couple of them I don't know the name of. Anyway, here they are. The first one has the prettiest little flower, and has the most putrid smell! There's a story here that I'll put in after the photos.
We had two of the shrubs with the little flowers on them in our courtyard outside the back door. The previous owners of the house put an extendable clothesline in the courtyard and one of the shrubs had grown up under it to a height of about 5ft, which meant we could only use half the clothesline. We decided to get rid of the shrub, which also opened up the courtyard visually. Murray had a bow saw, secaturs and various other tools and got rid of most of it. The thick trunk had to be attacked with an axe though. He was doing well until he hit the clothesline on the up-swing of the axe, knocked the clothesline of it's bracket and the end of it hit him on top of the head. Thank God he was wearing a hat! There was blood everywhere. I drove him to the hospital (which was an adventure - I don't drive any more except in the case of emergency) and we sat there for about 3 hours. When we were finally seen, the doctor thought it was just a graze at first. After they cleaned it and shaved off some hair, we could see it was a cut almost 2 inches long but not very deep. Poor Murray came home with 6 staples in his head. He said he didn't even get a headache from it AND he went back out the next day and finished cutting out the shrub!


Sewing Up A Storm said...

Your scrap quilt came out really nicely! I love your flowers, those would make a great quilt.

sMC said...

poor hubby. Just read it to The Scot and he says he always tries to be careful. Hope Murray hasn't got a delayed headache. Have put you on my list of blogs I like to read, hope thats ok. :)