Monday, 11 August 2008

camera doodling

The discussion on one online group I'm in has been 'camera doodling', which is taking photos while deliberately moving the camera. Some of the photos taken have been absolutely amazing so I thought I'd give it a try (I was procrastinating about quilting on the big quilt I just finished). It's not as easy as you would think! Most of the photos I took were still clear. These are the best of a bad lot - or should that be the worst of a good lot? It was fun, though I'm glad no one else was there to see me jumping up and down and whirling around in circles, trying to take bad photos LOL. AND they're still not as bad as I'd like them to be...

A fun one!

This little quilt was heaps of fun to make. There are so many signs warning us not to do this or do that - is it a free country still? Yes!!

HUGE quilt finished on Saturday

About a month ago I started making a simple quilt using fabrics from the stash. They were all 'pretty' fabrics - a change from the bright stuff I usually use. I made 12" blocks with big pieces as I wanted to use it to try feather quilting on the longarm. Now it's done except for the binding.

Have you ever been doing something and it's just worked out the way you hoped? Well, this quilt is hanging over the rails on the longarm and when I walk past it, I still can't believe I actually quited it! It's not perfect by any means (the backtracking is pretty woeful) but I'm so pleased with the overall effect. It's encouraging me to practice, practice, practice some more...

I couldn't get a full shot of the quilt as it is 108" x 96", so these will have to do.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

It's been a while...

... but I'm finally back here. While I've been away, a few things have been happening. We went to northern Europe for 4 weeks which was just fantastic. We flew to Oslo and had 4 days there by ourselves, then picked up a tour. The tour was 10 days around southern Norway then another 10 days cruising around the Baltic region. I even managed to find some quilt shops. I'll write some more about our trip later.

I got sick the day after we got back, which wasn't much fun, but it only lasted a day or two. I also found out that I had won four prizes at the Tasmanian Quilting Guild's annual exhibition. What a wonderful surprise that was! I only entered two quilts and they won two prizes each. That will be a hard act to follow nest year.

Here's just a couple of photos from our trip. We accidently left my camera in the back of our friend's car when they took us to the airport on the first day of our trip (duh!) so we didn't get as many photos as we would have liked. Luckily Murray had his little camera with him, which is the only reason we got any at all!