Monday, 27 June 2011

africa quilt for my sister

When Mr Stone House Quilter and I went to the big quilt festival in Chicago in 2007, we picked up quite a few different bits of African fabric.  I also had some ordinary quilt fabric with African inspired designs which fitted in with it.  When my sister Rose saw them she really liked them so I decided to make her a wall quilt for Christmas last year.  It is a sort of design-as-you-go quilt.  You know the kind - if a piece of fabric is too short, sew something else on the end of it; if a piece of fabric is too long, chop a bit off.  Great fun!  I pieced all sorts of wonky blocks into it as well as odd shaped strips of varying lengths and widths.  The quilting was mostly just a freehand spiral.

Sorry about the blurry photos...

the old tulip quilt

In June 2009, I posted a photo of a quilt top I made over 25 years ago.  I did actually end up quilting it but never did show any more photos.  Here's a few just to prove I did it.  I keep meaning to go back and quilt something in the  middle of the feather wreaths but haven't got round to it yet.

shattered nine patch

This is one of the quilts I finished last year.  Yeah, I know I've been a bit slack in getting the photos up!  I started it in a shattered ninepatch workshop with Fran Williams from The Quilt Patch in Launceston.  The fabrics are various Japanese styles in blues and purples.  I modified some of the blocks so I could add the applique designs.  I gave it to my Mum for her 75th birthday.   Oh wait, that must mean I finished it the year before last.  Wow, I have been slack with the photos!