Saturday, 13 October 2007

featuring...Trev the Wondercat

Friday was bath day for Trev the Wondercat. (Doesn't everyone bath their cats?) We've done it eveer since he adopted us 11 years ago. He's such a tolerant cat - he just stands in the wash trough while Murray pours water over him then lathers him up with cat shampoo and rinses him off. We tried it with one of our other cats once. Whoa, big mistake! Poor thing chucked such a tantrum we didn't try it again. He was a short haired cat though and didn't seem to get as messy as Trev does.

I didn't think to get a photo of him having his bath. Afterwards he went out into the warm sun and dried off a bit. Murray took Trev's brush out and gave him a good brushing, which Trev just loves.

There is only one piece of carpet in our house and that is under my longarm machine. Every chance he gets, Trev runs out to the studio and lays down on the carpet. Ah, bliss!

One time last month we caught him on the desk with the computer. He said he'd just been playing games, but this is what he was really up to. He was printing some paper to wrap around a block of Rum and Raisin chocolate for Murray. Clever boy, huh? Darn, the photo is sideways. Oh well...

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sMC said...

what a lovely post. Trev looks just like a cat I had. Tiger..long story..was male but turned out to be female. Long haired and lived for 20years.