Saturday, 25 August 2007

scrap blocks

Making slow progress on my 78 scrap blocks as mentioned in last post. They are now between 6" and 8" in size. Next time remind me to cut the strips wider! Still not sure what to do with them next. I could add a wide strip around each side to frame them then cut the frame down so that the blocks are all the same size. The frame would be a different width for each block. Would that look a bit odd? Maybe someone out there has some other suggestions (she says hopefully...)
This little pile doesn't look like it has 78 blocks in it, does it? I figured out that if I make two quilts, one set 6 blocks by 8 blocks and one set 6 blocks by 5 blocks, that would use 78 blocks. Or I could make another 2 blocks and make one quilt 8 blocks by 10 blocks. Still thinking about that.
My Thursday night quilt group will be meeting at my place this week. We normally meet at the library but the room isn't available this Thursday night. I'll have to make sure there is a practice piece loaded onto the longarm for them to have a try. Someone asked if I was going to hire it out time for other quilters to use, but I'm reluctant to do that as there is no one in Tasmania that fixes them if something goes wrong. Our insurance probably wouldn't cover it either. Besides that, it would mean that I would have to set up as a business, and I don't plan on doing that. I think that's enough to talk myself out of the idea .
This afternoon I'm going to load another quilt and try some straight line quilting (stitch in the ditch). I haven't been game to try it yet but this quilt seems to be asking for it. It will be interesting to see how I go. I also want to try doing some feathers again. I tried when I first got the longarm and they were truly awful! Hopefully they have improved a little, but I'll use a matching thread so it won't stand out as much.
On Tuesday I have an appointment with my neurologist in Launceston. Just a six monthly checkup to keep him informed of the changes in my MS and to see if the medication needs changing. I've got to ask him what can be done for the muscles spasms that I have every night when I go to bed. They're driving me crazy because I'm just not getting enough sleep. I know there's a couple of different things that can be used to treat them. Will let you know how I get on.
That's it for now - have a good weekend.


Nola said...

Maybe triangles, so they float?
It seems to be calling for something in the cool end of the spectrum...

remote ramblings said...

Hi Cat,

I really enjoyed scrolling back through your blog. I was curious about how you delt with the scraps! Yes - I believe they breed.
I made a quilt for a charity raffle many years ago using 2 1/2 in x 6 1/2 inch scraps to create a star pattern and I've always wanted to remake a similar one - one day.
I was impressed with your quilting, and if it's ok I'll keep popping back to see what your achieveing. Go well Jill

Lissa Jane said...

cut them into triangles and maybe put a lighter colour to make them into HST?? I have a pic on my blog of a strip quilt done this way and it looks like a faux log cabin.. of course they all need to be the same size to do this.. my blocks were 12" finished