Sunday, 12 August 2007

further adventures on the longarm

I've been having more fun on my new toy this past week. I've now done 5 lap quilts for Appin Hall - very basic stuff but that okay. I tried a pantograph but it didn't turn out as well as I hoped because of the tremor in my hands and arms. Luckily that little problem has eased off a bit so I might try another one tomorrow. Isn't learning new stuff fun?

I got my quilts back from Down Under Quilts magazine on Wednesday. The next issue will have an article about me and my quilts. It's nice to have them home again. Now I just have to figure out where to hang some of them. I've been quilting for a quarter of a century and don't have a single quilt hanging up. Can you believe that?
I took a couple of photos of the last quilt I did on my Husqvarna. What do you think? I'll be glad when I can quilt on the longarm and have it turn out like this!

Here's some more photos - this time of a couple of the charity quilts. Not very good but I guess they're only the first ones I've done.

Last night while Murray was watching the football on telly, I quilted a large double bed quilt. It only took about 3 hours. The quilting is just a free hand leafy meander. Anything else would have taken much longer. It's a Turning Twenty quilt using older fabrics from my stash, some of the fabrics have been around at least 10 years! Practice quilts were a good excuse to use some of them up.

I just have to machine stitch the binding on then give them to my binding fairy (aka my mum) to do the hand stitching. I already have the backing loaded onto the longarm for the next quilt so I'll be ready to go tomorrow.
By the way, I don't spend ALL my time quilting. I actually made some Ginger Coconut Biscuits (cookies for non-australians) this morning. Not bad either LOL

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AJ said...

WOwo I love that first quilt....I have a soft sopt for brights!!