Saturday, 18 August 2007

I can see!

Monday morning 8.25am the doorbell rings. I'm in my pyjamas cutting up a banana onto our breakfast cereal. It's the electricians arriving without notice to wire in some new lights out in my studio. Aaaargh! Mad rush to shut myself in the office (with my breakfast) till they've walked through the house out to the studio. Just as well Murray had already showered and dressed, coz I wasn't answering the door ha ha.

Now it's like daylight out there - 4 new light fittings, each with two 4ft daylight tubes. It's wonderful. I can actually go out there after 5pm and still be able to see.

Got some more photos to show you. I made up a simple nine patch quilt from scraps left over from the charity quilts. I drew the feather wreaths on but freehanded the rest, which is why the continuous curves are all different sizes. Er...hopefully they'll get better with practice... I am satisfied with my stippling, and now want to try a variety of other background fillers.

I also tried another pantograph, but with tremors in my hands it came out a bit wonky. Oh well, another good excuse to I mean practice... more!

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