Friday, 29 December 2006

Walking in the garden - part 2

The large pink single flower is from our banana passionfruit. I've forgotten the real name but it starts with a 't'. It is a very prolific grower - in fact if we left it for a year I think it would cover the whole house. (Maybe it's real name is 'triffid'.) The others are some of the geraniums that are still flowering.
Murray and I went to a local picnic area for lunch today. It is on the banks of the Mersey River near Latrobe. There were about a dozen people fishing for bream on the river banks and more people just enjoying the sun. I took the camera and got some interesting shots of bark and leaves and rocks, but will leave those photos for another day.

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Delta said...

The pictures are beautiful, and the triffid reference cracked me up!