Friday, 29 December 2006

Walking in the garden

It's a sunny day here in northern Tasmania so I thought I would take my camera for a walk around the garden. The best of the summer flowers are done now but there is still a bit of colour here and there. It's mainly the geraniums that are still in flower, but then they are flowering most of the year it seems. When I first went outside Trev the Wondercat was doing guard duty on the deck at the back of the house. It looked to me as if he was asleep on the job, but he assured me it was all part of his plan to lull intruders into a false sense of security, then suddenly jump up and bite their ankles. Hmmm...

The first apricot on our tree was ripe this morning so Murray picked it and we had half each. It was delicious! Sun ripened fruit just tastes so different to the fruit we buy in the shops. So sweet, and the taste is much more intense. Our greengage plum tree is loaded with fruit that will ripen in a few weeks. These little plums are so sweet and juicy I can almost taste them now. The raspberries are almost finished. We have had quite a few bowls full this year, and have discovered how nice they are on our breakfast cereal in the morning. The strawberries weren't quite so successful but we did have a few little tastes. Only the tomatoes to come but they will be a while yet.
I haven't used my digital camera much and am still getting used to it. I think it takes a fairly good photo. The only dodgy ones I've got so far have been my own fault. I think I probably need more practice at it so I'll post a few more photos and see how they look.

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