Wednesday, 13 December 2006

I wonder if this will work?

Trying the photos again. I wonder if they will show up bigger when you click on them.
This quilt was made for a challenge. We had to choose a tiny section of a photo (section was about half an inch square) then plan a whole quilt by expanding on the section we chose. The photo I had was a landscape centred around a lake. It had part of a branch in the foreground. I expanded on the section of branch to make a whole tree and used that as the theme. I was just going to use grens and browns but they seemed a bit flat. I liked it much better when I added the bright purple to the mix. I was pleased with the end result. Now I'll cross my fingers that the photos will show up properly.


Delta said...

You have every reason to be pleased, it's beautiful! The purple really adds to it too.

Sue said...

The pictures are great, yes they do get larger when you click on them. The quilt is very nice and the quilting is good too.