Monday, 5 November 2007

1st Choose-day challenge

I've been thinking of ways to stretch myself quilt-wise. I like making quilts based on traditional patterns, but I also like making quilts of a more contemporary nature. Lately I seem to be going through a bit of a creative block. I'm having trouble coming up with any ideas at all.

Now I've decided to 'think small'! Since journal quilts are becoming more popular, and their size is much more forgiving than a larger format, I'm going to make some. The size is roughly the same as an A4 piece of paper (7.5" x 11") which sounds quite achievable. You might choose to do 8" squares, or 6" square or 10" x 15" or whatever you feel like at the time. There might be some months when you can't make one at all. That's okay! There's really no pressure - that's not the point of the challenge at all. I still want it to be fun.

So.....I am publicly committing to making (or trying to) one each month. To make it interesting, I've made up a long list of topics which will be written on slips of paper, put in a box and one will be drawn out on the first Tuesday (Choose-day) of each month.

I would love it if anyone else wants to join in. You can use any technique you like. A photo of my little quilt will be posted here at the end of the month. I'd love to hear what you think of this idea.


Deb Zimmerman said...

What a fabulous idea Cat. I too began journaling with quilts just this year and although promised myself a quilt a month, I have fallen short of my goal because of other projects. If you'd like to see my JQ's though, they are on my website at
Good luck in working on these and keep us posted on QuiltArt as to how it's going for you.....and of course, when you post a new photo of one. Deb Z

Debra Sue Zimmerman
Fiber & Mixed Media Artist
& Writer

Kimberly said...

I saw your post on the Quilt Art mailing list and wanted to comment. I just joined the list myself this week and have been alternately excited and overwhelmed by the wonderful journal quilts that they have been sharing.

My little vow to myself was that I would jump on the first challenge that presented itself. So it felt like fate when I read your post this evening. It sounds like you are in a similar place in your quilting to me.

I really need to commit myself to creative art quilting. It's not that I lack ideas, instead it's almost the opposite. I have so many I don't know where to start.

So tomorrow I will take your method and write all my ideas down (as well as throwing in some offbeat ones). Then, I'll be ready for Choose-Day!

sandra wyman said...

Hi Cat - I missed out on the original JQ project (though I did manage a larger one for Houston this year) and have been meaning to do it off my own bat - but much more fun to have people to share it with! So yes I'm in: now to work on that list! BTW I'm also a cat person (with 3) and my DH (who unfortunately died 7 yrs ago) was born in Hobart.

Kimberly said...

I've updated my blog with my ideas for the Journal Quilt. I have to say that I am very excited about it.

Have you chosen your topic yet (not sure exactly what time/day it is in Australia myself)? Will you share it when you choose it or will you wait until the piece is finished?

How did you go about selecting topics for your year?

Ann Morrell said...

I belong to a fast Friday challenge..once a month we do a challenge. It is in it's second year...had to wait a year to join because it is a closed group. I would like to join you for a couple of pull an idea and share and we can compare products.

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun and one way to actually get things done !
I procrastinate so much so I'd like to have a go at this and see where it takes me .
Thanks for the opportunity to join in
cheers Jo Ault
Nth Victoria.

LizzyB said...

I would like to join the challenge. I have been sewing for 30 years, but only started quilting a year ago. Like Kimberly said, my vow to myself was to find a doable challenge and participate. I hope to see some beautiful connections at month's end.

Linda Pincus
Interior Designer, Art Quilter