Wednesday, 2 May 2012

summer serenade part 4

Looks like I missed a few photos here.  I cut strips from each of the fabrics, using five (I think) different measurements.  The light purple was the widest as this would be on the outside edge of the quilt as would be trimmed back later.  The cream was also fairly wide as this would also be trimmd back.  The mid purple that is next to the cream was narrow so that it just framed the cream.  The gold, orange and red were all the same width and the two darker purples combined were about the same as the red.

I pieced them together then crosscut them into the striped units you can see below.  To make the wave I moved each unit up or down a quarter of an inch.  I made two mirror image bargello pieces.  I trimmed the cream edge so that it was straight and joined another plain cream piece inbetween the two bargello bits.  It measured roughly 60" x 32" at this stage.


Fran C said...

Lovely colours Cat, the SUmmer ones a very intricate with lovely machine work. Terrific job.

Sandy B said...

This looks wonderful - I am looking forward to your end result. Love your choice of colours.