Wednesday, 2 May 2012

summer serenade part 3

In my initial quilt sketch there were seven little quiltlets but when it came time to actually start making the quilt, it seemed to only want five otherwise it looked way too crowded.

I wanted the quilting and the embroidery on the quiltlets to basically follow the same flower design so that the quiltlets would be integrated into the background.  I sketched the full flower for the quilting and variations of a partial flower for the embroidery.

I spent some time one day putting down a few ideas for the quilting.  I like the look of this design but changed it a bit from this sketch.  I found it quite valuable to just sit down with pencil and paper and rough out a few ideas - basically just doodling.

This was the trial of the embroidery on the quiltlets.  I grabbed this piece of dark purple fabric out of the scrap box but the fabric I actually used was not as dark as this one.  I was quite happy with the design so went ahead and made all of them plus an extra one just in case.

Here they are - don't they look good?

Mulling over some more quilting ideas, I drew up some of them on greaseproof paper.  I liked the look of this one so decided to go with it.

Expanding on the quilting design a bit.  When we had our bathroom renovated, I kept the glass out of the shower cubicle to use in my studio.  Not only is it great to put on top of my trestle table to paint fabric on, but it is BRILLIANT to lay on top of quilt tops and draw quilting designs with white board markers which just wipe off when I've finished with them!


Stephanie Newman said...

Cat, I'm loving those flower motifs and coloured threads. Women after my own heart when it comes to quilting! Good fun!

Stephanie Newman said...

Cat I'm loving those floral motifs in coloured threads, right up my alley iin terms of colour and design. Good fun!!

Robin said...

Gorgeous quilt design!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks for showing the photos Cat. I loved your quilting design. I am having my bathroom renovated next year. I must remember to save the glass, great idea.