Wednesday, 2 May 2012

summer serenade part 2

The next step was choosing the fabrics I wanted to use.  I knew that I wanted to use purple, red and gold (more about those colour choices in a later post).  Most of these fabrics came out of the stash.  I just played around with the arrangement until I found one that looked right to me.

Ahh, this is the one - a light centre section with a darker 'frame' and then the other colours sort of graduating out to the edge. Luckily I liked the lighter purple paisley design on the edge as that's the fabric I had the biggest piece of.

I cut a few strips of similar fabrics to stitch together so that I could do a sample of the quilting.  So glad I did!  I found that no matter what colour thread I used, none of the quilting showed up against the orange-y fabric.  The design of the fabric was way too busy and the quilting just faded into the background.   So I changed that fabric for a tone-on-tone with a similar value.  It worked much better.

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