Friday, 29 June 2007

new studio

I've been doing some organising in my new studio and have almost got it in working order. I've been making a heap of lap size quilt tops so that I'll have something to practice on when my longarm quilting machine arrives in about 2 weeks. I dug around in the 'archives' and found some tops that have been around for a long time. You can see them all in the photo - about 20 quilt tops laid over the quilt rack my brother made me. Don't know the exact date my machine gets here but it's getting close. Yay!

It's winter here but the last week has been the most beautiful weather. Cold frosty mornings but lovely sunny days. Murray has been fishing a couple of times but unfortunately we haven't had fish for dinner yet. He caught 5 fish on Tuesday but they were all little fellas, so he put them back to grow a bit more. Trev the wondercat follows the sunbeams around the loungeroom most of the day - every time we go in there he's asleep in a different place. Smart cat. He's 16 years old now so doesn't do much else but sleep and eat. Eating is his hobby, and he indulges in it quite a number of times a day LOL.

I'm posting some photos of my studio in case anyone is interested. The cupboards are huge, and the mirror doors are to reflect light back to the rest of the room (and because they were cheaper). There is lots of natural light with windows and sliding glass doors on both sides and 2 long narrow windows on the back wall. The L-shaped work table has enough room for my computer but I haven't moved it out there yet. I worked out how much leg room I would need when sewing and had the builders make shelves underneath in the rest of the space. I even have a bar, which is funny because I don't drink!

Still need to get extra lighting and heating, but I am very happy with it.


Helen said...

O wow, I love your L-shaped work space, lucky you! What type of long arm are you getting?

Kim B, SCQuilter, Engadine said...

I love your white bench with all that storage space!!!! Lucky you, green with envy here! LOL.