Friday, 1 April 2011

south africa part 2 - the rest of the big five

Still in Kruger National Park, we saw all of the big five in one day.  That's elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo.  The elephant gave us a bit of a start.  We saw him about 100m away on a track off the side of the road.  We lost sight of him so our driver drove slowly along and as the road rounded a clump of trees, the elephant came round the trees from the other direction.  We startled the elephant and he trumpeted and flapped his ears and did a little mock charge, which of course made everyone in the vehicle jump!  One of the ladies in our group was videoing and when she replayed that bit of the video, she'd captured the sound of the elephant very well but the only vision she got was the bottom of her husband's trouser leg and the floor of the vehicle (the elephant scared her so much that she'd dropped the camera).

Apparently we were very lucky to see a couple of leopards out in the open right near the road as they can be quite elusive.  One wasn't particularly worried, but one looked at us then decided to retreat further into the bush.  Beautiful animals!

We were also very lucky to see a female white rhino and her calf.  We watched them for about 5 minutes or so before slowly moving off to let them eat in peace.

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