Friday, 1 April 2011

south africa part 1 - the lions!

The highlight of any trip to South Africa is probably the animals.  While we were there we had a couple of days in Kruger National Park, which was absolutely wonderful!  On one of the game drives we came across these lions - 3 adult females and two cubs, one was about 6 weeks old and one about 3 months.  They weren't at all worried about the vehicle being so close.  They just looked at us for 5 minutes or so, then decided to get up and amble past us and wander up the road for a while.  It was just magic!  We followed them for about 20 minutes before they headed off the side of the road and into the bush.

We saw the male lion on one of the other game drives.  He wasn't really interested in moving either.  He looked like he'd had a good feed and was content to sleep in the sun.

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Melinda said...

What a lovely experience.