Tuesday, 11 March 2008

atc's and thanks

First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who commented on my black/red/white bargello quilt! I really appreciate every comment that anyone leaves. I have decided to call it 'High Voltage' (thanks Margaret) although some of the other suggestions made me think "I really like that name - if I did this and this and quilted it like that, I'd have the perfect quilt to fit that name". Does anyone actually start with the name, then make a quilt to fit it?

I'm in a few atc swaps at the moment. It's been a good excuse to try out some new things. I tried using angelina fibres for the first time. Ooh, what fun that is! I used 3 different colours for these atc's, and put some little snippets of tinsel in between the layers. It's very hard to take a good photo of angelina because of the shine - this is the best I could get. Lots more experimentation to comem I can tell. The background fabric came about accidentally. I bought some Lumiere paints while at AQC in Melbourne and was doing some playing with those. I had some scraps of quilter's muslin which I used to wipe splatters and leftovers with, and the scraps turned out to be lovely soft sunrise colours when I finished. So my mopping-up cloth is now the background of these atc's.

The background to the next atc was also an accident/experiment. I had a cheap children's art set for a few years and never used it. I thought I'd check to see if the felt tip pens would write on fabric. Some of them had gone dry but some were okay. I scribbled on some more scraps of quilter's muslin with a few different colours and then, for some unknown reason, decided to dip them in water. It worked beautifully - the colours all blended together into a lovely colourwash effect. Now I definitely want to try some more!

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lisette said...

wow! they're gorgeous - such lovely soft yet intense smudgy colours. and your stitching is beautiful.

i haven't tried atcs yet but you've inspired me :)