Monday, 31 March 2014

another 3 or 4 months flown by!

It's been a long time since my last post here. Summer is not a good time for me. One of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis is heat intolerance, and I feel it more and more each summer. For me, extreme fatigue is the biggest problem. While I won't go into what MS-related fatigue is like (you can google it if you're interested), I will say that it is NOTHING like feeling tired after having a few late nights, which apparently is what some people think.

It wasn't all bad this summer though. I managed to get some quilty stuff done - yay! I need to get some photos off the camera's memory card and onto the computer soon so I can share them. There are a few obligatory photos of Miss Millie the cat but you probably don't want to see them. Some glorious sunsets too, and probably a couple that are quilt-related thrown in for good measure.

The photo above was taken on a gorgeous summer day when I washed the quilt that is usually on my bed. It is a simple 'turning twenty' quilt and it's the first one I ever did freehand feathers on when I got my longarm quilting machine. I want to make another one that is in brighter colours but I need to make it so big that I've been putting it off. Maybe I'll gather up all my hand-dyed fabrics and make one like the wonderful quilts that Melody Johnson makes. I love her work!!

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