Saturday 17 November 2012

aussie hero quilts (stack and slash stars part 2)

This is what the star blocks looked like when I'd sewn them together. I was quite pleased with it, but thought it might look better with a bigger variety of fabrics used.

 I wanted to have another try but did it a bit differently the second time. This time I used 30 fat quarters, divided into five stacks with six fat quarters in each. Some of the fabrics appeared in two, three or four different stacks. When I finished the blocks I had 30, which was enough for two quilts. I like these blocks better than the first ones because of the wider variety of fabrics.

Now I had a HUGE pile of trimmings so I cut them so that they had two straight long edges and stitched them all together to make new 'fabric'.

I'd been lucky enough to find some aussie flag fabric at spotlight so I made some wonky blocks with some light tan fabric surrounding a lop-sided rectangle of flags.

I cut some of the fabric made of trimmings and stitched a piece on either side of the wonky blocks. When I pinned them up on the wall, they looked best offset a bit rather than lined up straight.

I found some different blue fabrics in the stash so used that to make the rows 42" wide.

I loaded two quilts onto my machine at the same time, which made the quilting much quicker than if I'd done them separately. They were simply quilted, just a meander with lines about an inch or so apart.

I've tried the same star blocks using greens, blues and greys to make another two quilt tops. I like the way these came out as well. They're not quilted yet but I should be able to get them done soon.

I haven't got as much done in the last couple of months as I had hoped. The chronic fatigue that goes with my MS is really hard to deal with sometimes but I'm trying a new medication to see if that helps. Fingers crossed!


Annette said...

Fantastic Cat....I've already forgotten if I am able to print off the template!!! I really love the colour combination of the blue/green top. Thanks for sharing. The quilt hanging behind your profile photo, is that a 1600 with additional small blocks? Take care....Annette :)

cat in tassie said...

Thanks for your comment, Annette! Yes, the quilt top in the profile pic is a 1600 - I put a 2" square of hot pink between the strips to give it a bit of zing, and then added a 1" inner border of the hot pink as well. It has since been quilted but I haven't taken a photo of it yet.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I love your slash and sew stars!! They're so effective!