Thursday, 29 January 2009

fabric cover for hardback book

My sister Rose asked if I could make a cover for a hardback A4 diary. She wanted to be able to replace the diary next year and use the same cover. I'd never done this before but I didn't see why I couldn't. It wasn't much different to making the journals I posted photos of last year.

This is the final result. The base of the cover is a heavy fusible interfacing. The one I used is called heavy badge backing. There are many other with various names but I can't get them here. I had some charm squares of Aboriginal fabrics so used some of them on a plain background.

I just noticed that I stood the diary upside down to take the photo. Oh well...

This is the outside of the cover laid out flat.

This is the inside with a pocket on each side to slip the diary covers into.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out. The worst thing about it was satin stitching around the edge - not because it's difficult, just because it is so tedious! (But worth it...)


Lulu said...

Lucky Rose. What a good idea. I might make myself one, I use a diary every year too.

margaret said...

Seeing this reminded me of some fabric I brought back (to London) from a visit to Australia a few years ago - I love the simplicity of the squares and the complexity of the fabric and will use this idea for some Little Gem Quilts ( Thanks for the inspiration!