Thursday, 31 January 2008

Bathing the cat

Wil and Tine have asked why we gave Trev a bath. Trev was very pleased to know that someone felt sorry for him. He did look very sad and pathetic in the photos, didn't he?

We've given him regular baths ever since we've had him. He was a stray cat that adopted us about 12 years ago. The vet at the time said he thought Trev was about 5 years old which makes him abut 17 years old now. When he first moved in he was all dirty and his fur was matted together so we trimmed his fur as much as we could then bathed him in the laundry sink. We thought he'd go beserk but he just stood there. We use special anti-flea shampoo for cats, and bath him every 3 to 4 weeks.

This web site details a couple of ways to bathe a cat, but you'll be happy to know we don't use either of these methods. Trev is REALLY happy we don't use these methods!


tine said...

Oh how interesting. My cat doesn't like water so he wouldn't do well with baths at all but I guess that Trev likes it plus it has become a routine for him over the years. Cats love their routines ;-)
He is adorable!

Linda said...

Hi Cat, I tagged you! You can see the rules on my blog. No obligations...