Sunday, 9 December 2007

using meander quilting design as applique

I've been working on my chooseday challenge this weekend. I had a heap of ideas but decided to play with this one. First I drew a meander pattern on a piece of A4 paper then coloured in part of it to make sure my idea would work.

Went over the lines with a fine black marker so I could see the line to trace it on the paper side of some fusible webbing that was also A4 size. I ironed the fusible webbing onto some plain black cotton fabric. Then the fun bit (not!) I cut out on the meander line - took ages to do. I wanted the background and the cut out bit to be whole pieces so I couldn't just cut in from the side to make it easier. Next step was to get two pieces of white homespun, also A4 size, and iron the cut-out piece of black onto one and the background piece of black onto the other.

Now I'm going to spend a day or two just looking at them while I decide what to do with them next. I really want to do heaps of embellishment, but I'm not sure what kind of embellishments I have that are black or white. I may have to introduce another colour to it.


Randi said...

Those are cool!

Lynn Douglass said...

What a great idea! I love these pieces!

catsmum said...

interesting, noice, unewesual ... mmm... different!
no, seriously ... very kewl!!!

cat in tassie said...

hi mum (well if I'm cat and you are catsmum, you must be mum, right?) You gave me a chuckle - don't you just love it when people look at your work and say "hmm, that's interesting..." LOL

Delia said...

I just love this idea and in black and white looks fantastic.

Helen said...

Very dramatic - cool idea!