Thursday, 20 September 2007

scrap quilt progress

My scrap quilt is progressing very nicely. Just one seam left to sew and the quilt centre will be done, then the borders. I'm going to quilt it with a pantograph called 'waterworld'. I haven't used that one yet and want to know what it looks like quilted up. Here's some photos.

First: the blocks after I had used up most of the scraps from the red/yellow/orange/brown tub of scraps. They ended up somewhere between 7" and 8.5". As they were all different sizes, I decided to cut them down to a uniform size.

I did this by using my 6.5" square ruler, and putting the ruler on the blocks at an angle. I forgot to take a photo of this step so used the ruler with a square of fabric so I could show what I meant. As the blocks were different sizes, the angle I could place the ruler (and still have all of it on the block) was different for each one too.
Nola suggested that the blocks needed a colour from the opposite side of the colour wheel, and I agreed so put a 1" border around each block.
Next decision was what colour to use for sashing. I tried several but this light one looked best.
What do you think? I'm hoping to finish it at the weekend, and get it loaded on the longarm to quilt next week.


Anonymous said...

Love the quilt you have made with your scrap. Thanks for sharing it.
Hugs, Khris

Jodie said...

You scrap quilt looks great. I like the idea of scrap quilts but they are usually a bit busy for me. I like how you have used a border and sashing to formalise it. Can't wait to see a photo of it finished.


Suzanne Earley said...

That is very cute! I really like the way you set the blocks with the blue borders and the light sashing.

Tomme said...

I think your scrap quilt lovely! And what a great use of your scraps. (I finally bagged mine up in twenty one-gallon bags and sold them for $1 each.)

Anonymous said...

Cat this looks terrific. I will save your blog so I can make these sometime soon. Hugs,

remote ramblings said...

Hi Cat,

it was a pleasure to take some time and read back through your blog. I enjoyed seeing all that you have created and I'm very impressed with the machine quilting - I'm still at the "that's too hard" stage and not even too willing to give it a go. My excuse? My 30 yo machine that has age excuses for it's - and my- limitations. I too had enjoyed the crumb quilt conversation, and it had me looking at all the bits with greater interest. Go well, Jill

Lynette said...

your quilt looks great. Congrats.

Lynette said...

Your scrap quilt looks really good. I have a huge bag of them to use up.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Your scrap quilt looks great! I keep trying to use my scraps and the more scrap quilts I make the more scraps apear in my bin............wonder how that happens!