Wednesday, 7 March 2007

we've moved house

I'm back. Murray and I moved house last week. We packed all our stuff ourselves and just got the removalists to move it. And now we are unpacking which is the worst part as anyone who has ever moved house knows. Sort of organised now but still some stuff to come from the storage unit we rented. I'll be glad when it's done - I'm getting no stitching done at all.

Our state quilt exhibition is on in Hobart on March 28-31 and I have entered 4 quilts. Three still have to have labels and I need to organise cloth bags to put them in. At least the hanging sleeves are done.

We've had the first of our innoculations for our trip to USA and Canada. I didn't realise that rabies shots were recommended. You learn something new every day, huh? Less than 5 weeks to go now (not that I'm started to get excited or anything).

Interesting news on the MS front. I've been having some cognitive problems (thinking and memory) and my neurologist referred me to a neuropsychologist to find out how the MS was affecting my brain. Apparently I have damage to a couple of different areas, the parts that controls verbal communication, visual memory, as well as noise filters and a couple of other things. This explains a lot. On a good note, he said that I had exceptional intellectual abilities and functioned on an extremely superior cognitive level before MS started working its nasty little tricks. Does that mean I'm a lapsed genius?? :o)

I'm adding a photo of the sunset last night. It was spectacular but I only got photos of the tail end of it. I'll have to keep an eye out for more.

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Delta said...

Congrats on getting moved! Does this mean we'll be seeing more of your work on the blog now? I can't wait.